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5/6S have been loving their Science lessons at Monterey Secondary College. The students measured how quickly the detergent absorbed the fat in a range of milks which would move the food colouring at different speeds. They used full cream milk, skim milk, butter milk and cream milk.

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Grade 5/6 students have been working with Polyglot to create an amazing piece. Polyglot make the ordinary, extra-ordinary, and they provide a structured opportunity for children to discover their imaginative potential. Polyglot enable school kids to develop divergent thinking, discover the joy of making and creating, and jump into devising and performing.

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Whole School Excursion to Melbourne Zoo

Everyone had an amazing time at the whole school excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. They loved seeing all of the animals and completing the activities the Zoo had planned for them.

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Prep Transition Program

At Mahogany Rise Primary school, we believe in a seamless transition from kindergarten to Prep is vital in establishing a sound start to school life. Children and parents are encouraged to participate in the transition program in order to explore the exciting and stimulating programs available at Mahogany Rise Primary School.

We have five Prep transition sessions over five weeks in term 3 that allow staff to get to know your child and provide a program that will allow your child the best start to school life.

The session dates are:

Term 3: 

Wednesday 15th August: 2:20 - 3:20
Wednesday 22nd August: 2:20 - 3:20
Wednesday 29th August: 2:20 - 3:20
Wednesday 5th September: 2:20 - 3:20
Wednesday 12th September: 2:20 - 3:20

Mahogany Rise Primary proudly provides children with a happy and engaging start to their school years in a secure environment that allows our students to become lifelong learners. We aim to facilitate a smooth transition program that allows students to step between Kindergarten and Prep.

We provide parent and carer information evenings to provide information to help support your child throughout their first year of school and beyond. These are great opportunities to ask questions and hear about our highly successful programs.

Prep is a very exciting year and we look forward to working with you and supporting your child to become a lifelong learner. Prep enrolments are available now from the office. If you are interested in a school tour please contact the school on 9786 3211.
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Art Pieces - Penguins
In Art, students in years 1-6 have been working on their winter themed penguins and they look amazing!!!  

Students used chalk pastels to create their pieces and really enjoyed blending the colours with their fingers. They did such a great job!
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Coach Approach
Today the whole school participated in the Coach Approach program. Students completed 6 rotations of a range of activities (touch football, hockey, hip hop, basketball, volleyball and teamwork).

The students loved the activities and were lucky enough to get some of the coaches autographs at the end of the incursion​.

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Ballet Performance
On Wednesday 5th June the students in 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 4/5 classes each performed a ballet performance in front of the whole school and parents. Then they were lucky enough to watch a ballet performance by the Australian Ballet  Educators. All of the students involved did an amazing job!

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On Friday the 1st of June, 28 students from Mahogany Rise Primary School went to Ballam Park for district athletics. The events that took place were hurdles, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, circular relay and many more. 

Overall our school won 10 x 1st places, 18 x 2nd places and 20 x 3rd places. All of the students did an amazing job participating in the events.

Thank you to all of the parents and supporters that came along to cheer on the students!

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Education Week 
This week is Education Week (20-26 May) and the topic this year is ‘Celebrating the Arts’. In celebration we have created some beautiful art work that is on display at Karingal Hub (near the food court). The art is already on display and will be until Sunday 26th May. The students are very excited about having their work displayed so if you have a chance to go and have a look that would be great.
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On Friday 18th May, 5/6S got the chance to work closely with Prep One R. 5/6S students were paired with a Prep buddy and completed a worksheet that had multiple activities for the buddies to get to know each other. It’s great to see the Junior school and Senior school come together.

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Prep Information Night
Prep Information Night is taking place this Thursday 24th May at 5pm. If you or anyone you know has a child going into Prep next year we would love to see you at the session.

Congratulations Zoe

Congratulations to Zoe Day who has received an amazing milestone in her Scouting journey. Zoe has earned the Joey Scout Promise Challenge. To attain the top award in each of the five sections in scouting reflects initiative in tackling this challenge, sustained effort over many months and year, plus self-discipline, teamwork, and leadership. Only a small percentage reach this level. These are the top achievers among Scouting’s 47 million members globally. It is always exciting to learn of the extra-curricular achievements of students from Mahogany Rise Primary School. Great work Zoe!

Schools Plus

We have signed up to Schools Plus which is a tax deductible organisation for schools to be able to gain funds from individuals or companies which may want to donate to a worthy cause. We have registered the lunchtime program as one that needs support to cover some of the costs that are associated with it. We went live on the site last week and we have already gained nearly $3000 in donations. This is really good for us. If you know of anyone that would like to make a tax deductible donation to our school then direct them to the following link  
Our visitors from India
Last Friday 4th May we said goodbye to the 3 students we were hosting from India. They were housed in families within the school community and were a part of the 27 students and 4 staff who visited us in Frankston North. The following students and their families hosted students: Makaira’s Family, Rowan’s family and Ellenois’ family. 

The students completed a range of exciting activities whilst they were here. They attended the Moonlit Sanctuary, Arthurs Seat, Mornington pier, Melbourne Aquarium and lunch at Crown. As well as an amazing dinner with all of the visitors, their host families and special guests which was held at Monterey Secondary College. A traditional meal was prepared by our Indian visitors along with some special performances and dances.

We are sad to see them go but so excited that later in Term 3, a group of students from Mahogany Rise Primary School will travel to Madurai and spend some time at the Adhyapana School.

A big thank you to the families for hosting and I’m sure you all had a fabulous time.


James' guitar lesson

James has only been learning guitar with Wilson for 1 term. His dedication, hard work practicing at home and his concentration during his lessons have made him an exceptional musician for his age. As you can see, Wilson has to concentrate just as much as James during their jam this afternoon. Well done James, keep it up!
Visiting India
I was fortunate to visit India over the holidays and was blown away by the hospitality and the very warm welcome I received, that included the weather which was 39 degrees every day. The staff and students from Adhayapana School made me feel so welcome and treated us exceptionally well.

I had so many new taste sensations which was very interesting and I had only a vegetarian diet for the time I was away. It certainly helped my weight loss program!!

Mr John Culley - Principal

District Cross Country

On Friday the 27th of April, 9 students from MRPS competed in the district cross country. All of the students represented the school with pride and are to be congratulated on their efforts. Bethany did an amazing job coming 2nd place, Edina and Alyssa finished 8th and Kaitlyn 9th. All four of these students will be competing at the Northern Peninsula Division Cross Country. Good Luck!!!
District Sports
What a very successful day we had at our annual District Athletics Field Events on Friday 16th March! 
All of the students gave it their best go and we all had such a fun day.
We are so proud of each and every one of our 27 competition participants for their excellent behaviour, their enthusiasm and the pride they take in representing our school.
 Some of our students were lucky enough to come home with a ribbon to show for their efforts!
Well done Mahogany Rise!

Easter Raffle

​We are currently seeking donations for an Easter raffle to raise funds to support our school.
Donations of Easter eggs/other Easter gifts/baskets can be left at the school office.

The items will be used to make up gift hampers to be raffled off at the end of term Mini Fete.
Tickets will be sent home soon.
Thank you for your support. 

Coles Sports for Schools

Mahogany Rise is participating in the Coles Sports promotion in 2018.
Vouchers can be collected from any Coles store when $10 or more is spent on your shopping and placed in the collection box at the office.

Introducing Miss Ramesh

​We are pleased to introduce you to Raushelle RameshKumar (Miss Ramesh) who is our teacher in Prep R.

Raushelle has been enjoying getting to know our new prep students and their families, please feel free to introduce yourself or say hi if you see her around the school.

Combined School Sports Carnival!

Students from years 3 - 6 have enjoyed a day of participating in their team colours for the Combined School Athletic Sports Carnival.

The day took place at Ballam Park and we are impressed by the great sportsmenship and participation showed by students from all schools.

Well done to our MRPS students who competed and tried their very best. You have made our school community VERY PROUD!

Cottage by the Sea

Our Grade 6 students have returned safely from their Week at Cottage by the Sea and they have had a fabulous time!

Students enjoyed a range of activities including fishing for squid!!! 
They have so many exciting stories to share.

Welcome back to school Grade 6!

Badge Ceremony!

​Congratulations to our School Captains Teono, Jasmine, Edina and Morgan,
who were presented their School Captain Badges by Paul Edbrooke MP!

It was a pleasure to welcome Mr. Edbrooke to the school and exciting to see him participate in our Badge ceremony.

We are very proud of our school captains and with them the very best.

Introducing our New School Captains

​Congratulations to our School Captains Teono, Jasmine, Edina and Morgan,
who were introduced at assembly on Monday.

We wish them luck in their new role in the school.

There will be a formal badge ceremony in the coming weeks.

Introducing 4/5R

Introducing you to two of our new staff – Jeanette Ryan (Classroom Teacher) and Tricia Gardner (Education Support).
Mrs Ryan is excited to be teaching at Mahogany Rise and lives by the motto “There’s nothing you can’t teach in a song and you can never have too many picture books!”

Some of you may recognise Tricia’s face - she is returning to Mahogany Rise after already working with us from 2010 to 2015.
Feel free to say “Hi” and introduce yourselves when you see Mrs Ryan and Tricia around.

Vegie Garden

Our vegetable garden is flourishing this year! 

The students have been enjoying the fresh produce in their lunches and snacks.

We are currently seeking volunteers to water the garden over summer, possibly every morning. If you are available for 30 minutes or so after dropping of your child please speak to Amy or Louise in the office, or Glenn if you see him out in the yard.

First Day Back 

We have had a great start to 2018 with many happy, friendly faces returning back from holidays feeling enthusiastic and ready to get stuck into some more learning!

We anticipate that this year will be another fabulous year of fun, learning and exciting experiences.

Good luck to all students for their upcoming school year.

Foundation students enjoy their start to school!
Our new class of Foundation students have kicked off their school year.

The students enjoyed a range of fun activities, explored the playground and dined over a delicious pasta meal.

We look forward to seeing all of our Foundation students achieve new goals as they take their next step in their education journey.
Mahogany Rise Paving the way in Oral Language
We are proud to announce that Mahogany Rise Primary School is paving the way in Oral Language in school's around Australia.

Speech Pathology Australia has released a number of videos of our staff, students and families to share our success and information about our program to other school's.

Check out the interviews via the following link:

We have a new Assistant Principal

Mahogany Rise Primary School is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Assistant Principal!

Rebekah Petersen has been working at the school for over 11 years and will be stepping into the new role in 2018. Make sure you say HELLO if you see her around the school.

Mahogany Rise Graduates - a credit to the school!
The end of 2017 has seen another group of students move on to the next phase of their education journey with the completion of our annual graduation ceremony taking place in the final week of school.

We are incredibly proud of what our Grade 6 students have achieved and we can't wait to see what they will achieve in the future.

Congratulations class of 2017!
Beach Day- Fun for everyone!
Students have finished off the year with a day full of fun in the sun!

The weather was into the 30's as each grade enjoyed games, a BBQ and a swim in the fresh salty water at Frankston Beach.

Thank you to the Staff and Parent helpers for helping to make our day so enjoyable!
Festive Lunch a Festive Success!
Mahogany Rise has once again enjoyed our annual FESTIVE LUNCH.

Students enjoyed a beautifully cooked christmas lunch and were even surprised by a visit from Father Christmas!

We thank Carmens and Ardoch for their generous support and donations.
Developing our Artists at Mahogany Rise
Have a look at our latest artistic talent! 

This wonderful painting was created by Ghoku in Grade 5.

We look forward to seeing his next artistic piece and watching his painting skills develop.

Well done Ghoku!

Mahogany Mosaic Project
Our mosaic wall is finally nearing completion. This has been a huge work in progress and we thank the Mahogany Rise Primary School community for their support with our fundraising activities and events to make this project possible.

We have also had some new bench seats installed at the front of the school thanks to the Pines Mens Shed. We are grateful for their invaluable contributions.​

The Kitchen Lunch program is up and running!!
We are pleased to announce the opening of our new kitchen!

Students will now be provided with a freshly cooked lunch EVERY DAY for FREE!

Mel, our phenomenal cook, is working very hard in our new kitchen to ensure that our students are provided with a variety of child friendly and nutritious meals.

We look forward to seeing what she will dish up next!!

Ardoch Calendar Launch
In November we had the priveledge of sending 5 students to participate in the launch of the Awesome Kids 2018 Family Calendar.

Students from our Prep/1 class provided artwork for the calendar and all Mahogany Rise families will be provided with a copy of the 2018 edition.

This calendar will be sold in stores and online and money raised from the calendar will go back into the Frankston Community.

 Halloween Disco
Thank you to everyone who attended our Halloween Disco. It was a great night!
We managed to raise $330, which our SRC is putting towards some new outdoor equipment for play times.

Congratulations to our Best dressed comptetition winners!

Special thanks to those who helped out on the night.

It's FINALS SEASON for the footy!

We recently celebrated FOOTY DAY where students dressed up in their team outfits and paraded their team colours around the school!

We also enjoyed a fabulous special footy day lunch.

It was great to see lots of parents attend the parade and even siblings dress up!
What a great day!

Students have enjoyed their week of swimming and have learned some valuable water safety and swimming skills!!

Well done to all of the students who tried their best and had a go!

The week ended with a survival class where students learned how to swim and stay afloat in their clothes! These are vital skills for our students to learn and thank you to parents for your support with our swimming program.


Some very lucky students from our school were selected to attend the Melbourne Showgrounds to Test out the Sample showbags!

All students with the highest levels of attendance were selected at random to try, test and review everything that this years Royal Melbourne Show has to offer. They were satisfied customers!

Thank you to all students and families who try their best to attend school EVERY DAY!

Polyglot Performance
Students from grade 5/6H were pleased to showcase the very hard work they have been doing with Polyglot theatre company!

Congratulations to the students on their impressive performance and the hard work and dedication that went into the show.

The student were lucky enough to view the show on Friday the 15th of September and gave rave reviews!


This term our students experienced the amazing skills of our visiting African Drumming performers!

This show was impressive and the students enjoyed being emmersed in the music and experience of another culture.

Some students were even lucky enough to have a go and perform with the drummers!

Prep Transition Program
This term our Prep 2018 students have been participating in our Prep Step into Prep program.

These students have been participating in activities and sessions to help them become familiar to our school and hit the ground running in 2018!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the Prep program in Term 3 and are looking forward to continuing this program in Term 4!

Museum Excursion
Students from 1/2S and 3/4S were lucky enough to enjoy a trip to the Museum this Term.

They viewed a range of exhibitions and soaked up all sorts of new and interesting facts.

The students were enthusiastic and well behaved. We have enjoyed hearing about their experiences and new learnings.

Fathers Day at MRPS
This September, our students took the time to appreciate the special people in their lives. This may have been anyone special from Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers, Friends, Teachers and even our Mums got a mention!

Our students focused on being appreciative of the things our loved ones do to care for us and students took the time to show their appreciation through gifts, cards, letters and even inviting some of their special friends to their classroom.

Thankyou to all of the special people in our students lives!

Book Week 
This term we celebrated BOOK Week by dressing up as our favourite book characters.

We enjoyed a parade and the students participated in activities that showcased the latest award winning childrens literature titles!

Congratulations to the students who won their class award for best dressed! What amazing participation we had this year!!

School Rewards Promotion
We are excited to be participating in the School Rewards promotion at Karingal Hub! Our school is in the running to win a share of $10,000 if we finish as one of the top three ranked schools between 26th July and 6th September!
All you need to do is collect your receipts when shopping at any store at Karingal Hub or Star Zone and register to enter them online at and make sure you select Mahogany Rise Primary School! Alternatively you can send in your receipts to school for us to enter for you. There will also be a Competition Booth set up on Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 3pm in the shopping center if you need any assistance.
As an added bonus there are 2 Woolworths stores at Karingal Hub so if you do your shopping there don't forget to also collect your Earn and Learn stickers which will also be available from 26th July!

Mi Life Victoria
Have you ever thought about working in the disability field – Come to a 4 session workshop and a hands on work placement to see if it is right for you.

For more information please click on the link below:
Introduction to Disability Short Course
Ardoch Award Nomination
Ardoch has been recognised as a leader in the community sector with its selection as a Victorian finalist for the 2017 Telstra Victorian Charity Award, a category in Telstra Business Awards.

This is an amazing achievement and we congratulate them.

We are grateful for Ardoch's contribution to our school community!
Madurai India 
On Wednesday, some very lucky students from our school will be jetting off on their very exciting trip to India.

To stay up to date with their latest adventures, check out their blog with the link below!

Mahogany Rise India Trip Blog
Mahogany Rise Trivia Night
On Saturday 24th June, Mahogany Rise Primary School hosted a Trivia Night to raise funds for some of our students travelling to India in July 2017.
Over $3,000 was raised towards trip and a fantastic night was had by all who attended.

We wish to thank everyone who supported the event

Japanese Drumming Incursion
To support our learning of Japanese language and culture, the school enjoyed an exciting incursion featuring Japanese Taiko drumming and Shakuhachi flutes.

Both instruments date back over a thousand years, and were used my Zen Buddhist monks to respond to nature. The Taiko are now played mainly at festivals and ceremonies throughout Japan. The Shakuhachi is often played during traditional Japanese plays and theatre. The flute is made of bamboo, but, as Anne demonstrated, similar sounds can be generated from a gum nut or small empty bottle. Children had the chance to play the Taiko and the percussion instruments such as the 'Chappa' or symbols.
Entertainment Book - Purchase Now!
Mahogany Rise Primary School is raising funds. Here's how you can help...

We are raising as much as we can to help Our School. You can help us by buying either an Entertainment Book or a Digital Membership. Whichever you choose, you'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!

For more information please contact Louise Williams at Mahogany Rise Primary School
[email protected]

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Visitors from Madurai
We have been excited to host our friends from Madurai in India over the past few days. They arrived on Tuesday evening and were welcomed to a typical wet and cool Melbourne evening. A big change from the 40plus degree temperature they left behind.
We have been hosting 5 students and the Senior Headmistress of the Adyapana school, Mrs Hilarie and well-mannered students. This exchange will be the first of many such trips and the partnership with the Adyapana school is going to be a long and fruitful one for all of us.
A big thank you to those families who have hosted students and for opening your homes to our visitors. I know that it is very much appreciated by our visitors.
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Junior School Zoo Excursion
Recently our junior school visited the Melbourne Zoo as part of their Inquiry topic.

They are currently studying 'Information Texts' and 'Geography'

They had a wonderful time and following the excursion they have been discussing various animals they have seen, where they come from and their habitats.

A big thankyou to all all staff and parents who helped on the day!
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Regional Lawn Bowls
On Thursday 20th April our Lawn Bowls Team played in the Regional play offs at Hampton Bowls Club. Unfortunately they didn't win but the students did an excellent job competing in all of their games and showed great sportsmanship. Well done to our students!
Seaford RSL Service
On Friday 21st April the School Leaders attended the Seaford RSL for an ANZAC Day service. The students laid a wreath in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives at war.
Monterey Secondary College Service
On Monday 24th April the Year 5/6 students attended an ANZAC service at Monterey Secondary College. Selected students were lucky enough to read their ANZAC writing pieces in front of the whole school.
Mahogany Rise Primary School Service
We also had 4 students from 3/4S run the ANZAC Assembly on Monday morning. They did an amazing job talking about what ANZAC day is and why it is important, as well as playing the Last Post and the Rouse. The students did a great job and spoke very clearly.  
Breakfast Club VIP Lunch
On Wednesday 29th of March, Breakfast Club had its first ever VIP party. This party was to celebrate a successful first term for Breakfast Club.
Mahogany Rise Primary School would like to thank the organizations that help support our Breakfast Club throughout the year. We are looking forward to what term 2 will bring to Breakfast Club.